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Want to ,need to, love to

” I want abs”

” I need icecream”

WANT and NEED, are both very different options that we invariably pick. We use this terms interchangeably yet fail to realize the differences. Yet both are lower frequency terms. When we feel we ” need ” or ” want” we are subordinating to an ideal.

Rarely do these ” wants” or “needs” lead to a sustaining future, as they are easily replaced by something else.

When we focus on needs and wants we invariably are not linking these desires to a goal of our own choosing. We are held hostage by a myriad of emotions and guilts and conflicts that keep us from our truer choice.

I find that when I “need something” or ” want something” I ask myself Is this something ” I would love to ” or ” I choose to”. If it is not then I know that the options of need and want were based on a lower minded frequency choice system and so probably not in my best interest.

When we use the terms ” I choose to ” or ” I love to” we are vibrating at a much higher frequency of choice that is linked to sustainability and durability of choice.

Don’t believe me? Try this experiment out. Use the terms ” I want to “, ” I need to “, ” I choose to ” interchangeably and notice the frequency shifts. Then reword the right frequency to the terminology of want, need, choose to and see if you can sense the difference. When you do, you will start being able to understand your choices in a different light and make even better goal and on purpose choices.

I choose to help you.

I choose to heal you

I choose to serve you.

This is very different if I said “I want to help you” , or “I need to heal you” , or “I want to serve you. ” None of these three statements come from a space of unconditional love and do not hold space for healing and growth for you !!
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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