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So I just finished this challenge.

Pushups, squats, crunches ( or sit-ups), walking lunges

It was fun.

A batch of us from the Run Your Health group.

We kept each other accountable each day.

I even added weights for the squats and the lunges to make it little more challenging.

Yet I learned something a lot more than just the physical expertise and core building.

I fostered creating good consistent habits.

There were days that I had to do the squats and lunges at work and the pushups in my regular crossfit work out of the day or at midnight to catch up so that I didn’t fall behind for the following day’s prescription.

On some days I was able to recruit office workers to join me for squats and lunges and we had even more fun.

Yet at the very last week, time management became a chore and I fell off the wagon for the crunches ( or sit-ups) and they piled up. I had done all the pushups, squats, lunges yet the sit-ups were hard to squeeze in.

Guess what? I had to do 315 sit-ups one night, just to catch up on my rest day #28.


This taught me again the valuable lesson of maintaining good firm habits that are achievable and sustainable.

This applies to anything in life.

Work. Exercise. Finances ( saving) . Connecting with family or friends.

Whether it is even quitting a bad habit of sugar or smoking or drinking or whatever. It starts by replacing it with a good habit and/or tapering down the bad habit

Consistency is key.

A habit is neither good nor bad. It simply is.

It is the effects of the habit that becomes a good or bad outcome of influence in our lives.

If you had told me that I had to do 328 push-ups, 1530 squats, 1495 crunches, 685 lunges, I probably would have encouraged you to go see a psychiatrist.

Yet by creating a daily habit and using the time domain of 30 days….. uh GOT IT DONE !!

So bottom line, it does not matter about the challenge per se, it matters that you create a habit that is congruent to your goals in life and stick to it

I create numerous daily habits such as meditation, exercise , writing, reading to just name a few.

COME UP WITH YOUR OWN HABITS….. linked to your purpose and goal in life.

The cumulative effect is success.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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