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Spiritual beings in physical form

As a doctor and physician I am a healer of the physical form for the traveling spirit. This was a very profound exploration of what I do, yet it failed to complete what I am while I do what I do.

I am spiritual being, so are you.

We are here for a physical experience. To observe, to learn, to grow, to express. Even though we may have forgotten who we once were we are reminded through various experiences and nudges along the way of who we once were and what our purpose really is. We discover how our very presence can transform the rest of humanity and the world.

Ironically while in this physical form we search to only get out and reattain our spiritual nature, and yet as spiritual beings we came here to have a complete physical experience !

During our innumerable lifetimes on this planet in a variety of forms and experiences we have accumulated unwanted baggage. Some heavy, some not so heavy. Bogged down, burdened with these energetic densities it is carried in our bodies and DNA. It lies within our emotional body, mental body, physical body, relationship body, spiritual body. Our DNA holds on to ancestral traumas from other timelines and lifetimes. Some of it is ours, some of it from others. Either way a spiritual being can become unhealthy in the process.

As an energetic medicine practitioner I help with this side of the energy transformation and healing of the various energetic realms, chakras and fields that our bodies reside in.

When we are on vacation and go to a foreign place and we need a medication for a headache or a band aid etc. we may goto the local pharmacy. Think of that as me. While we are on vacation from our spiritual realms here on this planet and we need help for our physical vehicle body, I can help heal it as a physician. Yet I can also help heal the energetic spirit to heal the physical body.

i am grateful for the opportunity to provide these services both physical and energetic and assisting the healing of my fellow spiritual travelers vacationing on this planet.

Hope you all have a great time here.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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