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Problem comparisons

There are days when I feel my problems are bigger than the world itself. Frustrated, tired, exhausted, angry, bitter, I fall into the shame and blame game. I feel that the world does not understand the magnitude of my woes. I may scream, shout and even have a temper tantrum. I feel that the whole world is collapsing on top of me just as the size of my problems is as big as the world. I sometimes pray that all my problems could just somehow vanish into a black hole. I was not far from the truth.

Then I see this humbling picture. The size of our entire solar system as it relates to the size of the largest black hole at the center of our own galaxy. So when I am literally throwing my hands up and surrendering my problems to a nebulous black hole, I really am. Yet moreover the size speaks volumes.

My problems are not only infinitesimally small in comparison to the size of our own sun yet equally small compared to the size of our solar system. Now I compound this with the size of a black hole then I discover that my problems no matter how big I perceive then to be, are no match for what is compared to out there. Even the ultimate ” problem” of my own mortality is laid bare at the feet of a black hole that is constantly in the process of destruction and death of any star, planet or system.

My problems are in my mind’s perception that is then awed by its attempt to fathom the cosmic size of black hole which in the grand scheme of things in the universe is still small. I am sure that we have all compared our problems to other problems and weighed the enormity of the problems relative to each other. I started doing the same to those on a larger scale, and you know what? the problems did not look that big.

so why compare my problems to fantastical astronomical objects? Simple. When I uncover that the problem is smaller than the black hole for example, my mind actually comes up ideas in solving the smaller problems. The tinier the issue, the more control I feel I have on it and the more I can actually take care of renovating a solution that is manageable and obtainable.

When it comes to my problems, size is everything !!
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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