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Blame shame game

There are times when we blame others for making us feel the way we do. We succumb to a lower frequency of vibration with our attitude, frustrations, anxieties, stresses and angers. We then project that blame unto others for doing this to us.

Please note that no one does anything to us without our permission. It is our choice as to how we react to an action. When the frequency is lowered in a conversation to fighting, argumentative reactions, and anger it is not the responsibility of the other person to raise it higher, it is the accountability of both to do the same.

If we choose to blame, shame and hate we lower the frequency, not the terrorists, not the thief, or the criminal but our choice to lower it. I am not talking about living an idealistic reality, but living a realistic ideal and keep that frequency high in the face of anything be it fear, disease, stress or even death.

When you are hurt or wounded and vulnerable and choose to lash out, wait for a moment and raise your frequency so that you may heal, become stronger and rise and in doing so lift others.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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