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Interesting story

An interesting encounter

I was walking out of the hospital front entrance where I noticed a car was parked. An elderly lady was stepping out. Blue dress, with matching top. She looked frail but somewhat resilient. She shuffled a bit as she got her footing on the pavement. Someone came towards her with her walker. She steadied her herself holding both handles firmly.

She took a deep breath and had a radiant smile. She straightened her shoulders and remarked. ” Ready to roll.” And off she went.

I smiled as I walked past with eyes down lost in thought. I was in awe of this “old” lady with a young spirit of confidence and deliberate intention. She was not going to let her body dictate her life. No limits were going to let her be tied down. Her momentum was not based on her physical frame but her state of mind. As I walked away I pondered of what kind of woman was she in her youth. How did behave with her family? What challenges did she overcome in her life? How did her out look on life serve her?

Yes, all this from just what she said. It was not just what she said, but how she said it. The intention to create what we want is helped not just by the words that we speak, but more the energetics of the motion of those words. Our thoughts are alchemized into words and set the process in motion. The intention behind those words is the key driving force to transform them. Yet even more magnificently designed is the action that is needed to manifest reality. She started to move with her walker. She was not just “ready to roll” but going to set that in motion by walking.

So much of the time I am reminded that I have thoughts. Then I have words. But not always will there be action attached to them. It is when I have the sequence correctly laid out and ignite the fire that sets the chain reaction, is when I see my dreams come to fruition.

Are you “ready to roll?”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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