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Healing takes 2

Healing takes 2.

I am a healer in many forms. As a cardiologist giving out healing advice through pills, through education of nutrition and exercise. As an energetic healer with energy medicine tools. As a healer with human behavioral modification tools of perception integration. As a healer with angelic reiki, and numerous other modalities. Yet there are some people who will not receive the benefits. Why?

Healing requires 2 sides. it is also the willingness to be healed. It is the willingness to accept the wound and the process that takes it all the way to a healed state. I can give you a pill, but are you willing to take it? I can give you nutrition advice, but are you willing to put down that ice cream sundae and bag of salty chips and soda? I can give you advice on exercise regimes, but are you willing to get off the couch?

Even when it comes to energetic healing, or other more advanced form of healing such as perception integration work, it requires participation and seizing the opportunity to learn and grow. It is when we accept this that we better arrange ourselves to be healed. IF we are inundated with fears, guilt and shame of experiences real or imagined then living in our comfort zone is the only place we will ever find ourselves.

No growth means no healing.

No healing means no growth.

We were not meant to shrink but to shine. We were never destined to destruction but to construction. We were never designed to fall but to fly. We were meant to learn and radiate outwards with wisdom and love. We cannot clap with one hand. It needs 2. Giving and receiving. Giving healing, Receiving healing. That is the process.

Healing means growth.

Growth means love
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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