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Broken like a branch

There are times when we feel broken. We may feel isolated. WE may feel that we have been discarded by the tree of society. Heartache accompanies the vulnerabilities that ensue. The feeling of being used up and lost are spiked with the emotions of uncertainty of the future. Fears of being not enough to even warrant life, or even fathom a future beyond the heartbreak are just the branches of what may seem like a gloomy forest of despair.

Yet just as the anguishing endless night takes hold, it shatters with the brilliance of the morning light. The dawn of the future arrives to the present not as a phantasmic dream but as an offering to the ailing heart with healing. The mind cries with fatigue, and the heart opens with acceptance. The body gives in with surrender as the ideas of tomorrow are poured over it like cool nourishing waters of life.

Acceptance of the future is a tide that few can ever hope to resist. Time always wins, and despite the thrashing of pleas, we are forced to step out of our comfort zone and head to our true purpose. After being broken there is no where to go but towards our purpose. We are pushed by the universe to do just that, move. Yet it is our choice which path we let go of. The past to embrace the future? Or the future to stick with the past. The past may lead back down the road of unhealed wounds. These need tending. Though the future may offer solace of change, there are times when this change is necessary for our growth.

Be not afraid when we become the broken branch for once we were mighty and strong and soon there will come a time when we will become the tree once more. Stronger the roots, the taller we stretch out towards the light of our purpose.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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