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Eat shit move

Alert Vulnerability post

Eat, shit, move, sleep, Repeat.

Is this the habit pattern that you fall into ? I know I did for most of my life. The monotony of an uninspired life, filled with mundane chores and the routine of “living to survive ” mentality was a way of life for me. Aimless social media scrolling, mindless TV watching and hoarding cookies, ice cream, muffins, chips, soda and popcorn were the cure to any ill that I faced in my body.

Day to day habits of lower frequency thoughts with self flagellations and self depreciating ideas were my modus operandi. I did not see any need or greater purpose to warrant my dispatch from this phantom zone. Majority of folks live in this way. No judgment here. If that is what one chooses to live in and content this way then that is perfectly reasonable. It is the way of the masses who become victims of their history. This ‘history’ is their habit pattern.

I was getting sicker and sicker and so my physiology was now reminding of my imbalanced physiology. I was obese, with out of control blood sugars and cholesterol and with literally no stamina and so my lack of exercise turned into a confined state of existence as I continued to avoid that which I was being pushed to own. On the precipice of progressive self annihilation, something sparked the desire to change. Whether it was adopting nutritional changes my wife was embarking on, or the exercise abilities of a coworker or the sheer terror of having hit the hard rock bottom, I do not remember. It was possibly a combination of all the above and much more.

I started to change each word in this mantra. Eating became healthier. Shit was replaced with gratitude, Move was replaced with exercise, Sleep was transformed into meditating. Learning was added into the list, and was expanded into reading, researching and writing. Healing was further added to the mantra and included self healing and then healing others.

Slowly a new identity emerged from the cocoon of my self despair to create a new version of me. Yet I respect all the inertia that the prior parts of me had to endure, only to uncover that they were life situations that were not in the way of my development yet on the way to an expanded, abundant, larger version of me.

Brooding turned into self creation

Frustration transformed into opportunity.

Anger turned into patience.

Self loathing alchemized into self love.

I am grateful for the ‘ eat, shit, move, sleep’ life plan that I had. It gave way to something much more profound and evolutionary. ” Write, teach, heal and health” is the new mantra for the last several years.

The former identity was catabolized into ” Author, global inspirationalist, life energy medical teacher, spiritual healer, entrepreneur, polymath. ”

I am comfortable with who I am now, better in tune with my vision, mission, and soulful purpose.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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