This new years day the majority of us made goals and resolutions with intentions. Yes I have spoken about creating intentions into action steps and then repeating them daily so that they become habits and hence a path to a successful life.

Disciplined thoughts, lead to disciplined actions, lead to disciplined habits and disciplined results.

Yet have you ever wondered where have these goals come from?

The goals created for 2019 were most likely goals of 2018 that were unaccomplished. Which in turn were goals that were missed in 2017, yet probably were self promised in 2016 and worse yet started or planned out in 2015. I am not saying that this is the case for everyone. Yet a common thread in a vast number of folks.

Goals are created at times on a whim and then the fantasy is perpetuated by our perceptions and delusions without ever basing them in fact or reality. In my opinion goals and plans are to be made based on a value driven science grounded in reality. Once a clear value is made, the goals are realistically set. These are the goals that once pursued and reevaluated monthly, and quarterly and bi annually and then yearly help in continuous course correction and a better sailing to a desired and inspired future.

I sat and looked at each and every one of goals and pruned out what was fantasy and what was still unaccomplished and why not? Not reality or not a high priority on my hierarchy of goals or values, then out they went. Let them go. Clearing the brush is a sure way to see what agriculture is viable and what is fodder.

Seeing things for what they are and not what they ought to be is the path from good to great. I realized that I do not have to be upset about unrealized goals, just practical and realistic and so henceforth motivated to achieve better.

A goal is created to be achieved. Otherwise why bother setting a goal? Pushing past hurts, wounds, or fears is a goal in itself to achieve the bigger picture. A necessity for most. Once set, a goal an be tweaked with changing circumstances yet the drive to succeed, grow and evolve is what is the fundamental nature of the human spirit.

363 days left to the next year, thats 363 opportunities to accomplish an inspired life.

You can do it.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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