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Sharing love

All too often we are constantly chasing love. We are always hoping that we will be loved and that love finds us, yet rarely do we actually CHOOSE love.

We fear the power of love and easily confuse what it can mean to us. We use love to control others and succumb to love by being controlled. Yet rarely do we simply EMBRACE love.

We pretend we are stronger than love and boldly believe we do not need love, yet rarely do we SHARE love.

We are constantly searching for love in many places such as in people, behind a tree, under the blankets, amongst the stars, yet rarely do we ever BECOME love.

Silly. Have you forgotten that you do not need to chase, fear, pretend, or search for love?

You ARE love. Simply choose it, embrace it, share it, and become it.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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