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Dark Trail

Ever been on a dark trail and you cannot see the path? I know I have. What do you do? Well take out a flashlight and shine the way and travel on that path of course. But first you need to have the intention to want to take out the flashlight versus fumble about in the darkness and lose the trail path and get lost. This is no different than what my own path has been, and the knowledge that I have acquired to help teach you the same. In order to find the path to ascension, we have to shine that inner light to find that path.

In order to find that light within and allow it to burn bright we could choose to have the intent and desire to shift our consciousness and choose to change our habits and adopt new ones. Once the light is shone there is no holding it back nor dimming it. It is this light that guides the way. This has been my journey to discover my own light and find my own path where once I was fumbling around on hands and feet in the harsh ground getting no where.

Yet the opportunity to unmask our light comes from the desire to restore balance to the mind. Once this has been achieved long enough we are able to see and recognize the path. Yet this requires the healing of vulnerability. Once healed we can connect to another soul.

For us to uncover our light and connect to each other and to the planet with healing and love has been my endeavor of this lifetime. True connection requires courage and not a cell phone.

I wish for you only that you discover your own light and your path soon.

with Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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