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Remaking yourself

We are constantly rebuilding ourselves. Day in and day out. Every idea that breaks our thought patterns is there to challenge us to rethink our life, and our place in it. Any new teachings or experiences that we encounter may either break our foundations or become the ingredients to rebuild it stronger.

I have encounter this on numerous times throughout my life, through readings, teachers and explorations of new experiences that will cause me to rethink and reshape my foundations and ideas and afford me the opportunity to rebuild anew. When paradigms shift so the energetics. The body not the mind is the filter to our soul when new experiences are encountered. I try to always ask my body before I make a decision whether it is as simple as going to the gym, or picking a meal to eat, or more complicated life decisions. For centuries we have called this our gut instinct, but there is truth to this. When I hear about someone else’s experiences my mind wants to make it mine, or if I am told to do something, it is my body that feels the “pressure” to do it. Yet a simple pause and quiet query to my body will get the answer to either do or do not.

It is very important in this high speed digital age of social media and connectivity to be able to slow down for a few seconds and take control of the situation. Who is running the show? The mind filters the senses and stimulations and keeps most to process through or dreams, yet the body is constantly also bombarded with the energetics of others and the shifts of experiences. The more healthy and tuned the  body becomes, the more aware we aware of our choices and circumstances. The more self aware the better choices we make for better futures.

We should never be afraid to re create our foundations and grow them stronger each day with the evolution through experiences and teachings. We are constantly rebuilding, re sculpting, and reshaping ourselves.

You are remaking yourself into the image of YOUR CHOICE.

You are beautiful the way you are each day.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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