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Lessons from Vines

Lessons from Vines

No garden or landscape is ever completely free of the ever present vines. They grow quickly and can take over entire lands in short periods of time. They are hard to destroy and keep at bay. Yet nature is a great teacher and affords us an important lesson. The significance of vines metaphorically has a great impact in our lives and if heeded  early can help us tremendously. Vines are very tenacious and each branch or tendril shoots off ever more of its self and becomes quite invasive in any garden. They strangle the vegetation and kill it without mercy. Trees, bushes, plants, vegetables all are equal opportunity for the destruction by these vines.

Vines represent the problematic issues  of life that effect anyone and everyone regardless of rank or status in life. They teach us the draining nature of time and effort that is spent dealing with these issues. When dealing with worldly arduous problems they seem to literally choke the life out of us on our spiritual journey and restrict and hinder our progress. Social media, news, politics are notorious for fueling distractions that keep us from our inner sacred path. We get wrapped up in these issues much like the vines and the entanglement can be difficult to extricate. We usually require outside help with this endeavor to help us sever from these issues. Vines can leave scars on their victims such as trees, and so these global distractions do the same to our psyche.

No matter how many good seeds we have planted in our landscape of garden of our minds, and hearts, these pesky vines of problems can make short work to all the fruit of our labors. Even one small vine can grow to create havoc, much like how one small negative problem can take root and upset a well balanced mind and heart that is full of blossoming love. They do not distinguish whether the delicate or the hardy plants are to be effected, and so too is the case with global socioeconomic and geopolitical climates when transmitted through news, media and idle gossip.

Not all vines are bad to the plants. Such as the example of poison ivy that hurts us but not the wild vegetation like trees. It keeps us away. In doing so, the distractions in our lives that are restricting and mind numbingly strangulating us, also serve a purpose to ground. If our path is all spiritual then we live in a high or euphoria or fantasy perceptions without getting grounded back into reality. The pause from constant spiritual bombardment allows us the time to regroup and gather our “whys” that set us on a path of enlightenment.

Lastly how do you get rid of vines. You have to get to the source. Find out what, why, how, where and when for all these troubles, see the bigger picture, and extricate our selves from the problematic negative distractions. Sever the root of the vine of life and you stand a chance at evolutionary success.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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