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Failure is not an option

Failure is not an option, it is a choice.

When we are led to an option it is a thing, or fixed concept. When we are led to make a decision it is a choice. And so what ever path we are presented before us is an option. Which path we take however is a choice. In doing so we accept the consequences of all that will elate us or befall us.

Failure is no different. When we lament on the failure and pretend that we did not “want” this option, we are deluding ourselves. When we plead ignorance of the choice, we are simply declaring that we did not spend the requisite time to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of the option.

So when we are faced with failures of marriages or relationships, or a  job or career or a financial opportunity, or many such events in life, it is not luck or disgrace or abandonment or depression that is the cause. These are just byproducts of the disadvantages of the option that was chosen. If we look at the advantages of the same option no matter how bad it may appear, we realize that we simply did not see all the vantage points of that option before choosing.

Failure is not a bad thing, even though given a terrible connotation. Failure serves the purpose of making us look at all the options again. Start at ground zero. Relook at our flight plan. Pause, reflect, re-decide. The beautiful thing about the universe is that it will always afford the chance at re-choosing the option. Failure means accepting the vulnerability. Failure means not just getting up off the ground, but instead stepping forward with another choice.

If we have never experienced failure, then we have not lived.
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