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Lessons from weeds

Lessons from weeds

I recently have had an explosion of weeds in my garden, unlike other years I have been able to stay on top of them, till recently they have become overpowering. So I stopped to ask nature for an explanation and reference of what the weeds in my landscape of life signify so that I may learn from them.

Weeds are like negative thoughts that are constantly blooming. These thoughts are an annoyance of time and energy. They compete for the life of my mind’s landscape as they do  for my attention, as if to cry out ” I am more important than all your other thoughts.”  Negative thoughts and fears run wild like these weeds and can sour any mood. Aesthetically these weeds are not nice to observe by others and so too these harmful invading thoughts are unsightly on my frowned angry face.

Weeds or bad thoughts grow with the emotional waters brought by the rain storms of fear and anxiety or through the lack of drainage of anger and envy. These weeds rest deep into the soil of my mind and then grow. Weeds are also brought in by animals or other people or media in the form of waste, by virtue of gossip and idle chatter and slanderous untruths. Weeds can come from neighboring sources , or rather the conversations with people I may meet along the way. My landscapes or gardens of creativity are over wrought with these weeds of invasion.

Weeds take in the light of my energy and my emotional waters  grow and spread like wildfire. The only sure way to clear up weeds is preventing them from growing. I can try to burn them all out with anger, yet I risk the damage to nearby good shrubbery that hold healthy truths of my heart. I must stop the gossip and chatter with the weed chemicals and prevent further germination. I can cover up my landscapes with tarps of love to prevent further growth. Plucking the weeds is time consuming and can be fraught with challenge, yet this too must be done, as buried deep are the seeds of negative deeds.

Once clear, I shall plant healthy plants of truth and allow my lawn of life and landscapes of creativity to flourish.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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