For the longest time I have been subservient to my anger, and to my envy. This has led me to blame others when events in my life did not go according to my plans. After all I was blameless. This was my defense mechanism and my way of coping with hardships and missed opportunities. This was an arduous journey.

When I began to blame myself for the issues at hand, I discovered that my journey had begun to shorten. With more accountability  and  responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions I felt more empowered, and determined to fix what I believed to have been broken goals and out of reach dreams.

It was only until I blamed no one for any event, circumstance or situation, that I realized that on my journey, I had already arrived. Everything that had happened to me was simply gearing me up for a learning experience. It was my ego that defined it as good or bad. By labeling it with a perspective I stayed chained to the definition of elation or defeat.

When I transcended labeling and the blaming of others and myself, I was able to see a hidden balance and order of things that expressed itself as love. We all undertake a journey of self discovery and sometimes travel far off course to find it. Yet sometimes the journey is not about finding a path or even knowing that you are on a path. It is a about the realization that the path is you and you are the path in this moment of now.

Be inspired to live blame free, it is a wonderful thing.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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