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Finding your wonders of the world

Finding your wonders of the world

There will always be a time where the landscape of your mind is barren. Ideas may come and go yet nothing suits your fancy. The days, weeks, years may roll by. You may even feel dejected, bored, frustrated, depressed at the lack of creation. You may feel that rumors have been started about you foretelling  that you have not mounted to anything, or are not creative enough, or are not good enough or perhaps not worthy enough. These are all idle chatter of the winds across the desert of your mind carrying messages of doom.

Yet fear not. An illusion will soon become a reality. A dream born of the fires of passion of your  heart burns bright and lights the night sky. The oasis is nearer than you think as you traverse the parch-ness of your life. You had to walk those lonely nights. You had to feel your dreams unfulfilled. You had to yearn for your purposes to come to pass. It is this lack that fuels your need to achieve more. Achieve big.

As your life may lie as a plain untouched canvas as it does to an artist, the spark of creativity and wisdom blend into a  beautiful pictorial with a plethora of colors of inspiration in all walks of your life. Let go of the anxiety of performing on life’s stage and just be. Be yourself and let that creativity flow. It is time to build the future of your dreams with fervor and love.

You have the gift of mastery of your reality. Choose what ever your heart desires and explore the possibilities. Your only barrier is the self limiting beliefs infesting your mind. Yet understand that this is also part the creative process, as if you did not have these beliefs, you would continually create and eventually burn out. These long pauses are much needed, in fact are essential to help you breathe life into your purpose and creation.

The magic is inside you. It always has been.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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