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Positivity, its not what its cracked up to be.

Positivity, its not what it is cracked up to be.

I can live my life with complete positivity and be surrounded by only positive thoughts, words, and people. I can listen to positive music, and read positive comments all day long. I can have motivators push me in a positive way at the gym, at work, or even at home if it comes down to it. Yet in the end it will be temporary and non sustaining. It is great to try to even  motivate others and presumably if it works, it is always a fleeting transformation that is never permanent.

A positive mindset achieves a positive outcome, a negative mindset achieves a negative outcome. A balanced mindset achieves a balanced outcome. For all those negative nellies out there, that try to pull me down and whom I get exposed to daily, I have 3 choices of interaction and outcomes. Firstly, to join them and fall into a negative state of being. Secondly, avoid them. Yet this useless act really only postpones the dealing with negativity and allows for someone else to step into that role a little later. Thirdly, I can interact with a balanced mind and understand why am I triggered by that negativity and attracting that person in my life. I can spend the time to try to bring that person out of negativity, but that would be more time wasted and an effort in futility, as everyone is responsible for their own emotional state.

For all those positive motivators out there trying to inflict their sense of right on the world, it is in fact their own effort in justifying only positive thoughts and not recognizing the negative in their lives and so over compensate by trying to sway others to their thinking. I can choose to again respond to them in 3 ways. Firstly join them and become happy and do cartwheels in my head. Secondly avoid them, yet they will be replaced by yet another positive annoying person that then leads me to the notion that I must figure out why are they  in my lives. What is the universe  trying to teach me? Thirdly I can interact with a balanced mind and understand where is the deficiency of positivity in my life that needs to be balanced out.

Positive and negative words or actions stem from positive and negative thoughts, which originate in the opportunities that the universe provides and arises to show me the opposite that is needed to complete my life. I have learned that I  neither need positive motivators nor negative naysayers in my life, yet I need both. I mus spend the time recognizing the balance of the two in every situation as it relates to every moment, situation, and person. In doing so I can create a more fulfilling life, an on purpose life, and an empowered life.
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Author: Brown Knight

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