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When you compare you despair

When you compare you despair

Much of my life I have set myself up to be compared to the bench mark of others. Always compared to others to gain a value of self worth. Compared to other more intellectual kids in school, or other fellow athletes or fellow musicians. Never quite good enough, never quite up to par. Yet whom am I really comparing myself to? Someone else who is just as scared at being compared to someone else as I am to them. Where is the yard stick to measure success, fitness, ethics? Who creates these false measuring tools, and why  are they important? Society creates them, as if you don’t have bench marks and notches of success how do you create status? If you have to create status then you create control. If every one is forced into a hierarchy and given their place on the ladder, then I can bench mark my progress in all areas of life from health, to wealth, to intellect to literally everything in my life. It starts when you are young. Conditioning. If you see a little child that is unaware of this process they are totally free and believe everyone is on equal footing and lovable and respected. The moment you introduce ” you are better than …… because of ( fitness, intellectual prowess, parental status etc.) you change the innocence to status and put them on the racing ladder.

No one is saying that we shouldn’t have hierarchies. They are important and we need to be able to grow and so the yardstick is formed.  Yet my argument is on the tenant that the yardstick is within and not outside. I choose to excel in my intellect by my choice and not be coaxed by others, I choose to improve my fitness performance for my health status and not to be measured against the world’s fastest or strongest man or by a fellow athlete. I choose to improve my financial perch for the sake of serving others and my family,  not because I have been told that if I don’t I will not be like my  friend who makes more money than me.

Compare and establish levels of progress, absolutely, but compare to yourself and not to others as this leads to the despair of inadequacy and depression and frustration. Push yourself everyday to become better than who you were the day before. Improve for yourself and not because someone told you that you should be like whomever. Self identity is the biggest motivator in improvement and success.

The world has changed and ascended to a higher dimensional frequency of Oneness. You will find more and more as you awaken that there is less and less need for you to size yourself up to anybody else except yourself. As you continue to improve and become better, your own prowess will be enough to shine and be a beacon unto others to also become more radiant with success and join you in the sun. Lack of comparing will not diminish your abilities to progress, yet it will lighten you up to achieve more as you improve upon yourself every moment of every day.

Be the best version of you and not the shadow of someone else.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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