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Mind over matter

I am convinced that my body is solid and there is nothing else. I can feel it. I can sense the objects that it can touch and so I perceive them to be either solid, liquid or gas. The reaction that I get to my action of touching is a perception and my senses have been conditioned from birth to know that this is tangible and there is nothing nothing beyond it. What is physical is physical and it cannot be disputed says the mind. I stand upright and don’t fall over the earth by an unseen force called gravity. I sense temperature even though I cannot see it, and feel either heat or cold. I can not see the wind yet I feel its effects. I also perceive what the unseen can effect like movement of the trees explaining the wind, or the burning of matchstick signifying heat from a flame or the the fall of leaf to depict gravity. I live in a world of senses and chained to them I can only perceive this and nothing more…. with my mind.

If I open my heart to something far greater I am rendered dumbfounded with what is out there beyond my 5 limiting senses. Intuition, wisdom, understanding, love. All are not constructs of the mind but perceptions with the sensing of the heart space, an infinitely more potent field. There are many energetic fields that surround us. Some call them auric fields. There is the physical field, mental field, emotional field, relationship field, and spiritual field. Each one extends out from the physical body and each one has different features of how we interact with our various environments such as other physical bodies, other peoples emotions, our relationships and our higher Self and spiritual realms. Simplified, When the fields are out of sync then things in our lives go out of sync and we succumb to disease, unhealthy relationships,  problems and troubles pop up, ailments, in essence our world turns upside down. Yet within these fields we carry the knowledge to fix them too. All our hopes, goals, dreams, purposes, ideas are all stemming like a light bulb radiating light from the center, we radiate all this from our heart space through our energetic fields.

All these fields bump in to everyone else’s fields as well. If in frequency and harmonic the harmony occurs and we have similar ideas, we like each other, we understand and cooperate and share knowledge. When out of vibrational frequency the opposites happen. Imagine everyone wearing multicolored bubbles and roaming around bumping into one another. The further out from our heart space and body these fields can extend for miles. The more potent and energetic one is, the fields go even higher and farther. Ever sensed what a loved one is feeling and be correct right down to the penny and then pick up the phone and call them up, and you both are shocked at the exact conversation you both were sensing? Intuition? Sorta. That’s energetic field transmission. You and that person are linked energetically. This happens when you open up your heart space. Ever had similar dreams and deja vue? Thats energetic and astral travel. Different story, but brought up here as it is still an energetic field issue.

Everything is energy. Everything is a wave. Everything is a spectrum. When we pause and stop to look at the wave the energy becomes solid and we see a physical form. If you don’t look, then everyone returns back to energetic states and continues as flowing in their streams of consciousness, only to return back when needed for interaction with the physical dimension. Think of it like a river flowing smoothly and if you put your foot in the river you disrupt the flow. Or are you really adding to the flow? At which point ripples occur. That’s you adding your unique energetic field to the flow of collective consciousness.

Healing of these energetic fields and boundaries is called energetic medicine. That is what I do. Your energy fields possess your identity, your purpose, your origins, your lifetimes, your future. Respect your energy and respect the energies of others.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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