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Cracking the Mirror

Cracking the mirror

As you travel through the day you see all sorts of aspects and qualities of humanity. Some you like, and some you don’t. Some will attract you, some will repulse you. You see a beautiful person and you like seeing that, yet you see someone else who behaves badly, you are repelled by it. Why?

This is because of a concept known as  mirroring. Would it surprise you to learn that all human characteristics good or bad or ugly all exist within everyone and we choose to explore various qualities depending on the social or life situation that we are presented with at any given time. All of humanity exists within us and we exist within all of humanity. You see beauty only because there is beauty within you to witness, and if you see bad behavior for example arrogance, then there is an aspect of arrogance that exists within you. People are in our lives to allow us the opportunity to see ourselves in a different light and grow. Everyone is a mirror. It is your choice to see a magnificent reflection in each person or to see a convoluted distorted reflection in others while you yourself suffer from the same distorted qualities. It is hard to accept the negative nature of ourselves as we are held together by ego. Yet the more we embody the idea of the mirroring we become more aware of the qualities within us.

When this happens we discover something quite extraordinary. If there is something we like, then we in fact like it within and can expand that quality. If there is something we don’t like then once we recognize it within we have the choice of evolving from it and changing. Play this game with yourself through the day noting likes and dislikes when you encounter various people. If you are concerned about the socially taboo idea of ” judging someone” well you are right, you are judging, however you will soon discover that you are judging yourself. ¬†Make the list and then explore it. I can help you with that. As you dissect it you will begin to “feel” some thing more. This feeling is a trigger. Exploring your triggers can be a lifetime chore or a lifetime adventure of self realization.

We love to comment or judge others. It’s human nature. So why not practice on yourself. I mean what do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? Everything. Self empowerment.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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