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The riddle of consciousness

A Riddle of Consciousness

We are constantly oscillating in states of illusion and reality with out ever vibrating slow enough to understand the difference or high enough to see the big picture.
We believe that matter is the reality yet matter is only a state of infinite particles in constant motion dense enough to perceive it as matter or reality. They are in fact broken down into not just particles but waves of energy known as quantum reality which is no matter but in fact strings of potential. This is manifest as will, love, and possibility. So reality now becomes an illusion once dissolved into its original form.
Once you observe the potential with lower vibrational senses does it manifest into outcomes of our choosing as it returns back into this dense particle of “reality”.

So the reality we live in is simply the summation of infinite potential energy, and we attempt to create it within time and space never realizing that time and space exist within it. The state of consciousness is  what we are, not what we are in. When we try to imagine our reality we are creating, and manifesting this consciousness on to the canvas of the universe much as an artist paints their imaginary works on to their canvas. When, how and what we experience are all activities that we partake of within this state of consciousness. So thoughts, feelings, sensations, actions are all but experiences that are activities within this vast field of consciousness.

The idea of separateness is one from the egoic mind, perpetuating the illusion. The heart alone opens the gateway to the knowing of the oneness of the universe and the soul. This portal allows us to distinguish reality and illusion and not be captured by the minds prison delusion of reality and illusion.

Love is the portal to the understanding and the living of the consciousness of One as nothing is separate as all is Light and all is energy, all is waves of potential. We observe, we are the modes of the observation and we are the objects of observation and so all can exist simultaneously in the paradigm of consciousness.

You are you.
You are I.
I am you.
I am that I am
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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