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There are some elements that when yelled out loud make us nervous. I mean if you yell out “water” or ” wind” or “earth” you may not get the same response as ” fire.” In our psyche this element has been known to more commonly cause a high potential for loss of life or property. Now take this into a different context it would give more or less  of an impact. Such as screaming ” fire” in a movie house. This would evoke fear, anger, confusion, panic, and result in a stampede and a whole host of other problems as people try to hastily exit the establishment. Fight or flight hormones would activate with all sorts of neuro transmitters firing in the brain to initiate a cascade of emergent and urgent strategies. Heart rates rise, blood pressures soar and eyes widen with the beginnings of flight.
Now take a reversed context. If one would yell ” Movie” in a fire house. This is not only absurd but laughable and would more than likely engage emotions of laughter, joy, relaxation and fun. This scenario evokes the parasympathetic nervous system of calming down, rest, and enjoyment. Hormones reflecting the same travel the blood stream, and create a happier and joyous mind, after all who does not want to take a little time and have some recreation.
Lets take this one step further. Shouting out hateful and hurtful words in a crowded place or even towards one other being, evokes the fear and flight response to the aggressor and the victim of the abuse. Going in slow motion through the process the aggressor has to first injure their soul and their heart raped  with the thought of hate that will  then lead to anger and the surge of sympathetic  hormones reaches all the organs  of the body long before the angry words are even uttered. Now the victim has an equal response to the spouted out words.  They will be first taken by surprise and off guard and then the defense mechanisms kick in. Physically they shrivel back, mentally their executive centers shut down and their hormones surge with the same hormones of fight or flight as the words travel to their ears then to their brain and then to their emotions, which all cascade down to their heart and soul and then the cycle starts anew with a response after being hurt. Either they run away or they fight and repeat the cycle to the other person.
 On the contrary yelling ” Love” in a crowded room or to another person, will emanate happiness and feelings of joy regardless of who you tell it to. Such is the nature of the energy and power of this four letter word. It vibrates at a much higher frequency and so replaces lower ones. This word changes the vibrations when uttered as it whizzes past the ear drum into our brains, bodies, hearts and soul. This word transforms the feelings of hate in to a much higher frequency. Energetically there is an alchemy that manifests with great storm.
So the next time you meet a hateful person spewing racially charged or gender focussed views or any form of derogatory words, regardless of who that person is, simply take a breath, and yell back ” I love you.” You may think this is so absurd, but yes it is absurd enough to throw them off balance and disarm them. Do it to yourself first when you are at your angriest and most frustrated. Look in the mirror and disarm yourself first. Only a heart filled with love will afford the opportunity of saying ”  I love you” with it being genuine.
Remember simply that by giving in to a fear and hate filled person    with more fear you are only  allowing them to become more  powerful. They turn into a bully, and more of a person of power.
Focus. Breathe. Change your perspectives with love.


Author: Brown Knight

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