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In the glass house

In the glass house

I look up within my prison of fears and I see the transparency of my dreams that lies await for me.I am trapped in my great mind, with an unbending ego as my cell mate with the charges of my haunting  past. It is here where my life stands still, never allowing me to move forward. It is in this fragile glass house of an experience I exist. In this timeless prison I find the demons of my vulnerabilities taunting me to a life of platitude and complacency. I struggle to shout out and to be heard yet my mind is the warden to my soul as I am afforded little freedom of expression of my heart.
Within  this captivity I have forged a  new learning and understanding. The wisdom of compassion. Slowly the embers of love have coalesced to form a raging fire within my heart that allows nothing to diminish it and nothing can withstand its power. A radiant sun is born deep and now is unearthed. The mind trembles with the light, the ego fears its new freed mate and my chains of the past no longer hold their strength.
Yet one last fear remains. To leap through the vulnerabilities of my fragile mind and grasp my destiny. Why does it still linger? Is it a lack of courage, or faith or wisdom? No. none of these. It lies in the desire to allow that fire to burn infinitely bright and allow it the opportunity to blaze through all the walls on all sides and reach out to destinations yet unseen. It is in this allowing that I will witness my freedom. It is in this acknowledgment of the flame of my love of my soul that enables the price of my imprisonment to be overpaid above and beyond and with it set me free.
What holds you back? What prison are you trapped in? Whatever, or whoever it is, the opportunity for freedom is in your grasp. Your light of your divine love has been always  watching you from the other side and waiting for you to lift the veils of your limited experiences. Your beacon is in your sight, and now is not the time to close your eyes, but to smash through every limitation and rise.
Step out of your glass house and breath the fresh air of love.


Author: Brown Knight

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