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the Solstice, she is here

The Solstice, she is here.

Dec 21 not just another day that arrives after Dec 20. It is the beginning of the winter solstice. A harmonic balance is achieved as in the Northern hemisphere the first day of winter heralds  a time of slowing down and inward reflection. While in the Southern hemisphere the beginnings of summer and  the outward expression of the inner knowing. As I begin to slow down the pace of my mind to align with this divine day, the beating heart of my soul paces faster to cultivate the world within. All that is hidden from sight is unearthed to the surface to gear up to the nature’s spring of my soul. 
The  Dark Night of the Soul is the Winter solstice that longs for the cleansing of mind, body and spirit. The Solstice is more than a calendrical or celestial event. It is a portal of divinity and transformative light that allows the battle of  the hours of light and dark to synchronize and unravel the messages of a sacred heart. Digging deeper unravels the higher frequencies of my destiny that lay dormant. Connecting my spark of divinity to that of the fires of illumination of a Cosmic Essence is the process that is unleashed with the Solstice. 
She asks of me nothing but my earnest desire to travel from my heart to my mind and then back again to my heart space from where I was created with the enormity of love that will manifest. It is the journey back that is the hardest for which I ask the Solstice for her patience and support as my egoic mind will certainly put up a valiant fight. All that pains must be healed and balanced in order for a synergistic relationship with the self and the Self be forged. Light is shed upon the darkness of my wounds as the outward time of daylight begins to increase, so too  I feel the breath of renewed energies fill my being.  On this day of bordering light and dark, the veils of the universal knowing begin to be lifted and a glimpse into my own inner vibrancy is revealed. 
The balance is restored as the Southern Hemisphere initiates its blooming of spring. Hibernation gives way to the blossoming of a resolved heart. Tapping into the field of infinite consciousness nurtures my spirit for the long sleep allowing the engine within to cleanse all that must be metabolized.  Divided the energies are different yet together they are the whole. The winter feminine inner reflective energy is connected to the summer masculine outward energies of the planet that affords me the opportunity to create an accountable and responsible future. With this polarity a direction of  travel is born.
Ask of the Solstice your innermost hopes, dreams and desires to be brought into the light. Allow the inner traumas to be healed and resolved. Give yourself permission to become whole. 
What calls your heart? Listen. 


Author: Brown Knight

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