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Side of the coin

The side of the coin.

There is much going on in the world that leads our minds and thoughts, and in most cases our actions. Some of the happenings  we agree with, and at other times we abhor it. There are many issues that become problems that we cannot solve, and some that are solvable. Such is the nature of life when we step out of our world and explore the rest of the planet. Our tv remote controls  and scrolling mobile devices constantly keep us at the end of a tight leash of impulse action and reaction. 
When I identify that I am part of the problem then I really identify that I am also part of the horror that lies within the world. When I identify that I am part of the solution I begin to take on responsibility. Both identities  are 2 sides of the same coin, yet opposite and so bringing about opposite directions of action. Lineages of biases can effect my decisions ranging from familial to peer related opinions. Yet none are necessarily even my own. True identity does not come from the judgement of others about oneself no matter who is rendering that opinion, unless it is yours and yours alone. 
That is when the aspect of love steps up into the play and can abolish the egoic drama that is in an unending loop. When we offer any decision or idea through the lens of love, we are able to view things very differently. And in doing so we may find a solution to the issue at hand. This is called taking responsibility. When we hold ourselves as accountable  then the natural course is responsibility. This is how change is brought about. Yet the first step is the courage to even open one’s heart let alone the mind to the issue at hand. 
To act or not to act is a constant battle. Which avenue s right or wrong? In most incidences it is a case of what is more right or more wrong and so the toss of the coin becomes irrelevant. If love is the driving force in every toss then the bias is always in the favor of a positive outcome when we choose to act from a space of love. Life is not black or white, yet it is a fertile ground of learning and understanding of one’s identity and purpose.  
Which side of the coin are you on? Does not matter if the hand that tosses it is in a state of love.


Author: Brown Knight


  1. If I listen to my heart, my mind and my gut with compassion, even during the times I think that there is nothing I can do to to make a change in the wrongs of the world, I know that if I acknowledge the injustice to myself then even speak about it.. that in itself is a contribution to creating a positive change. Love in and of itself is posativity.
    If the world could be infused with love… I believe the pain of humanity would be healed. The inconsolable question… why are we unable to achieve the obvious?

  2. it is because that we donot slow down long enough to acknowedge the obvious. it is in the simplicity of life that we find the solutions and not in the complexity.

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