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a bloody story

A bloody story

So the other day an incident occurred. The morals of it were far reaching. I will share.
My 6 y old kitchen savvy and chef wanna be son decided to chop cantaloupe. Something that he has done many times yet accidents happen and in an instant  sliced his finger. Numerous gauzes were used with copious amounts of ice. Yet after almost and hour and a half of pumping bright red blood that never ceased we finally took him to the local Urgent care center. It was still pumping away and during the registration process the medical staff entertained him with their kindness and compassion. Immediately his bleeding in front of my eyes stopped. Now one might say that all bleeding stops eventually, but this was something spectacular. The medical staff also remarked how quickly it ceased and literally before our eyes the wound closed and healing was well under way. What was the catalyst? He was calmer. 
Once engaged within the more peaceful and jovial environment of others he quickly calmed down and allowed his body to do what it innately knows. Heal thyself. 
This is an important observation as it can apply to copious examples in our lives where the stresses and tensions catapult our minds and bodies into different directions and the lack of synchronization aides us even less. Imagine for a moment the link between our outward environment that can turn hostile at home, work or even family life whereby we are immediately put into a state of flight or fight and our internal arena. Whether we are  fighting off diseases within and unsuspectingly receive the common cold or flu or are forced to deal with life circumstances of  difficult finances or protracted hardships that change our physiology to a hyper state. The effects on our organs and bloodstream are extreme as  are the effects to  our heart and mind dramatic play. 
Our internal environment is linked to our external surroundings via our sense bodies and regulated by our mind and brain yet governed by our heart through feelings. It is here where we have the opportunity to over rule the chaos of the minds’ fears and anxieties and return all parts of our selves to a peaceful and well balanced center. In the end it is the identity of the Self  that we sometimes forget to recognize that is the ultimate driver of the vehicle that is our fragile body. 
Moral of the story. Watch out for sharp knives by being fully present in the moment and when things go awry the same presence of heart and mind will bring about miraculous results in our lives and to all around us that we interact with in our world. There are emergencies and then there are emergencies. Knowing which to one to react to and how to react to them is a conditioned response by filtering the emotions through the heart. 


Author: Brown Knight

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