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The path

The path.

We arrive not a moment too soon, or a moment too late yet just at the right time to a path in front of us that may be devoid of clarity. It is covered with the dust of doubt, and littered with the stones of burdensome concerns. It may not be fully lit with the ideas of purpose. Yet the path is there for the discovery. When the clock strikes the appointed hour we awaken with the need to sweep away doubt. We have the urge to pave those concerns and ignite the candle of self compassion and light our way.
The path may feel cold and distant yet all it requires is the first step to begin the journey. It has been said that any journey of a 1000 steps begins with the first. This journey requires the first step to be initiated by letting go of a 1000 fears. A seemingly daunting task yet undertaken easily with gratitude and love.
Embracing all that is contradictory, and engaging all that feels vulnerable and  brooming away all the resentments of self is the invitation that this path holds out for you. In doing so the aliveness of your heart lights this road to a new destination. The unknown is pregnant with possibility as you move on this path.
The fog of illusion that envelopes our path  is easily dispelled with hope and resolution of a magic that has yet to be performed. 
Love is the path. Love is the path of infinite possibilities. Love is the only thing we have to remember to begin our adventure. 


Author: Brown Knight

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