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A field of instant boredom or immediate excitement. For me it started off in school as a very difficult subject matter to understand and grasping the concepts were more than arduous, they were frustrating. Yet I plugged away. Later in life, it all seemed to click and make sense and then ended up taking quantum physics and quantum chemistry which became mind numbingly fun.
There is the physics of the seen. This is Newtonian. We can touch, observe and  manipulate the experiments of nature. Then there is the physics of the unseen. This is more Einstein derived. Quantum universes within quantum cells, understanding the universal whole down to its building blocks and trying to bridge the two. Cerebral to say the least and only until recently experimentally validated. Then there is the physics of the soul as it pertains to feeling. This places us right into the heart of the universe and we become integrally connected into and everything that is universal, whether seen or  unseen. Time and dimensions become illusionary in the face of all that is manifest or unmanifest, whether absolute or relative when you deal with the physics of the Self. 
My experimental tool is my heart and not my mind. The resonance of feeling unlocks the energetic vibrational frequencies within all and the Self. It can then manifest the reality of choice of mind or spirit. My spirit is both the  observer and the experimenter of all realities in every timeline in every universe occurring simultaneously. And so both my outcome research data and evidence is created instantly as long as I tap into my research  companion. 
Everything infinitely small and infinitely big is connected and so the sphere of size is irrelevant. The interaction of all forces seen and unseen flows through and within the heart space. The energy of love is the only constant highest vibrational energies throughout the cosmos. For not the universal love of existence, nothing would exist. That is where the universal heart not mind of intention plays role. And so becomes the greatest tool of creation. Looking for more “evidence” look closely in the mirror at every feature, pore, strand on your physical and how it works and then look into your eyes and see perhaps for the first time the unseen version of you, the researcher. Find the love in your heart to connect to this aspect of You and manifest an unparalleled future. 
I love my researcher and all the tools that he employs. Publications of his findings are abound…. in every interaction with YOU !! 


Author: Brown Knight

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