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Body transformations

Body transformations

Yet another magazine I throw away in the garbage that has innumerable pictures of amazing ( probably photoshopped) models with great bodies. Thin, slim, sculpted, perfect. We all go through these phases in our lives where we take our being healthy, fit, and feeling alive to the next obsessive level. It is perfectly fine to target and reach that height if you are into sports, or exercising, competitive and striving for a personal bench mark. Yet if it is to look like someone else because it is popular then I would disagree on those goal ideas. 
Few things to remember. At a certain age after having children and trying to turn back the clock to look like a 21 year old because you want to be liked is a bizarre   concept, yet I see it all the time. The desire to change with healthy doses of exercise and better eating habits is one thing, but then to jump into surgical options for the sake of vanity may not always be called for. Those stretch marks that you may want gone are reminders of your 9 month long arduous pregnancy and the delivery of your child. Your bags under your eyes are reminders of those sleepless nights you spent with your child, or the hard work you went through doing two jobs or late shifts. The callouses on your hands are reminders of the laborious tasks you performed with your hands for work, or a special endeavor like toiling in the fields or your flower or vegetable garden. The aches of your feet recollect the long distances you may have walked for years to the nearest bus station to go to school or seek work . 
So the next time I decide to simply BE like that person in the glamorous eye-catching magazine taunting me from the newsstand,   I will force to remind myself that my body with all its socially estabilished imperfections is the complete record book of all my life’s experiences and memories. My body has been with me since the time I came into this world, and remains with me till I decide to leave. We have gone through innumerable trials and tribulations and it has been revered and abused, yet the vehicle of my soul continues to serve. Be proud of who you are and who you have become. If you want to perform modifications go right  ahead, but do it for you and not anyone else or for any life situation you are trying to escape from.
You are simply perfect the way you are. 
I am me. And loving it. 


Author: Brown Knight

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