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how much is enough compassion?

How much is enough compassion?

I am often plagued with the notion of do I have enough compassion? Not do I have compassion. I do, but do I have enough for another human being. After all I am just a simple human how can my bucket of compassion be infinitely deep. Yet what say we toy with the idea that it can be infinitely deep…. how do we get it there? Understanding the nature of compassion is key.
Compassion is the profound understanding for another person. It stems from a vastness of our hearts that holds tremendous respect. Yet in this form it is respect for oneself. It is the compassion of myself, completely and totally that will enable the eventual offering of love of myself to the love of another. It is the connection that we seek when we offer our holding of space in the cosmic moment of now as we commune with another living soul.
Acknowledging our own pain, and healing that to whatever extent brings forth the energy of love. When this new entity has been ¬†filled up to the brim of our hearts and runs over, we offer it to another who we recognize who is in similar emotional pain. It does not have to be the same scenario that brings about the pain, as pain is the end result of whatever ¬†devastating situation has arisen. This love makes its way out to the other when the respect, the understanding of ourselves enables a bridge to be created to another’s heart.
As we surrender a fragment of our love to another, so too does the universe do the same towards our own hearts from its heart center with the same conscious understanding of its vast infinite self. Ergo this translates to an infinite amount of compassion. And so lies the mathematical logic of the limited mind asking to balance an infinite question. Compassion is infinite, and limitless, as it stems from the human heart that has the capacity for the same. Connecting to your Self, that aspect of you that is connected to the universe, leads to your bucket never being empty.
Respect, understanding, love for you is synonymous with compassion towards  others.


Author: Brown Knight

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