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full moon woes

Full moon woes

Heads up folks powerfully intense full moon showing up july 9. This particular moon has the potential to create all kinds of serious relationship issues. The polarities are fierce and manifests as ego vs emotion and inner tensions vs external pressures. There is a lot of chance at disharmony with personal conflict and draining of energy. I too fell unsuspectingly victim to some of the effects yet quickly turned things around.
The purpose of this particular intensity is appropriate. It provides the emotional strength to retune what was unveiled in the last new moon. When you develop subconscious awareness it will allow for the balanced objectivity. We all may experience some level of trouble focussing. Goals need the drive to manifest, hence the last new moon for goal creation  and this full moon to set things in motion.
Relationships with friends and family can become quite heated and intense suffering from impulsivity  and aggressive actions. Channeling this untamed energy in grounding and exercise will help tremendously. Be mindful of your temper and quick triggered reactions. We essentially turn  into out of control pressure cookers.
Recoding and restructuring and recalibrating of the geometrics and fundamental sequences are constantly happening yet it is these bursts of vibrational frequency adjustments that radically shift our very being to the next level. Sometimes change is thrust upon you when you least expect it or desire it. Obsessed feelings can become the target of arguments and fights.
Here are some helpful tips to handle this moon.
1) do not react to every interaction no matter how intense. A quick pause and breath will reset you
2) Feel the ground.
3) lay your hands on your heart and feel the beat
4) Breathe deeply from your lower belly
5) Listen and talk less
These moon effects will pass as quickly as they arrived. It is in the feeling of unsteadiness where you will find your path and know that you are on the right track.
Patience. Flow. Allow. Love.


Author: Brown Knight

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