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The illusion

The illusion

It is in the illusion that I cannot be healed lies my greatest fallacy. The chasms of my pain have been traversed and have been mapped out. The repressed feelings over many life times are like  hidden treasures that are discovered and catabolized  into nuggets of grace. Emotional pain has been ostracized by society and those who are sensitive or highly empathic are rewarded to shut the doors of their hearts and deal with their grief, heart break and vulnerabilities in their own way. By being silent.
That has changed. No more are the angry cries of freedom unheard and nor are the raw gifts of solitary confusion accepted. This is a time of great upheaval for the resonance of the soul. A time for the inner voices to sing their unsung songs of purpose and purity.  When you draw the curtain you uncover only darkness. It is in this dark of dark that you and I have laid our heads to a hardened ground and cried our hearts out for help. The assistance arrives with great expedience as we take the first step to bring about a change. It is in the unveiling of the curtains of despair that clear directions are carved out in our minds.
When the orphans of the heart such as compassion, understanding, patience and tolerance, have been accepted and integrated only then can the healing begin. The illusion is disspelled and the true magic of an unfolding heart is revealed in all its glory. Bringing in love to the light the candle of the cob webbed mind is the first step. The allowing it to breathe and grow is the second step.
There is a sequence to these orphans as they unlock the heavy doors of apathy, but to each person the sequence is  unique. The choice of the first step requires a stance. A position that will break the inertia by letting go of unwarranted fears and dissolutioned ideas, but it all starts with you making that choice.
The illusion is simply a well orchestrated parlor trick of the mind to keep the true magic of the heart disguised. Open your eyes and your hearts and the truth is revealed.


Author: Brown Knight

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