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Show me the money

Show me the money

For years money has always been a deciding factor and drive in the things I do, things I buy, and the choices I make. This is probably what the vast majority of people on our planet use to meet their physical needs. When things feel unsettled I gravitate towards them for a deeper understanding as to why. What lesson does it hold for me. Money came up. I was reminded of a very old memory growing up seeing how the barter system works in other countries. When it comes to buying fruits, vegetables and minor commodities street handlers run the show and i recall the typical scene of haggling. An ancient tradition rooted in humanity of haggling for a better price. But the part that bothered me is the negotiation and the immediate dismissal of a poorer person after taking the goods and giving them in return less than the asking price and walking away. Some of you may be thinking ” are you crazy you can’t do that” True but it happens every day of every moment in every part of the world and if you are not familiar with this experience it is perhaps because you do not negotiate with the larger companies that provide your goods. On that same point I would not think twice about trying to negotiate the price of a sack of potatoes at the grocery store or the cost of a shoe at the department store yet will spend considerable time arguing with a lesser individual one on one. Is it the human one to one connection that enables this versus the corporate store that bears a sterile outlook? Maybe, but then a direct connection means I should negotiate better for both of us and not just one person. Maybe its me, but this topic has brought me terrible heart break.
The balance of power through out the world has been  made unequal with a destabilizing   of status with currency. Money has kept people and families poles apart. I do not hate money. I am shifted to understand that the future to realign a planet and its people will have to come from a removal of that that has kept them apart. Idealistically every one helps the other person become better. Everyone gets the care, respect and the human desires that they need by someone else as they integrate to help the collective. Communism? Hardly. A dirty word fueled by wars and singular angry governments and individuals that turned the simple notion of “help your fellow man ” ( mind you a concept that has originated long before communism and settled in religion and other ancient beliefs) into ” heck with your fellow man.”
The needs will be met by all and for all. Simple right? Yet we have outgrown our needs to the over expression of our mind ego that has resulted in greed, arrogance and the unending and never fulfilling desire for stuff. That may require toning down. Such ideology is already in full successful  swing in many countries where everyone “pulls” their weight and helps in development of the nation and the planet. Again this is not communism which is shrinking and not expanding in its old form around the globe.
Foolish idea? no money? If your value is as important as the next person there lies no reason for money. If you get what you need without a want and continue to pay it forward with your deeds, I see this as a win. The key here is seeing your value as equal to another. I find my self no greater part of the hospital as a physician as the hospital cleaning persons who I greet by first name daily. If my ego is lowered, I find my heart expanded higher to aide and love. 
By the way, if you think that a non monetary system is not going to be reality then think again. The destabilization of the world economies is not coincidence and neither is the continued chaos. Change is coming. Not tomorrow but soon. Decades, but in cosmic terms it is a blink of an eye. We are one world and one collective species. There will be no demarcations of sex, age, color, religion, poverty etc. There is only one color and that is the frequency of unconditional love.
I choose to live in that world of utopia, and strive to make it that by changing me every day with that energy of love. Join me, the future is so much brighter than your present world.     


Author: Brown Knight

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