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The froth

The froth

The news, the sensational media, the political and financial climates around the world has all fueled an uproar of emotions that has created all sorts of unrest in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the globe. The churning continues as the world continues to appear to be falling into a chaotic chasm of death, destruction, and despair. I see it differently.
I love coffee and fabricating caffeinated beverage creations. I take the hot milk and then I can either use a steam wand or a fast bladed spinner and make the heated milk foam as latte, machiatto or a cappuccino and I enjoy watching the foam separate out from the other parts of the milk that fall behind. It is this very idea that is occurring on a massive unconscious level to the collective consciousness of our planet. We are spinning, churning so rapidly it gives the appearance of total chaos, yet like the spinning milk of our unconscious, anew product emerges. The froth of our enlightened conscious mind. Separation  of the mind and heart from old fears, past ideals and rote based traditions is occurring and will continue to do so until the new lighter, kinder gentler and higher frequency part of our nature and divinity emerge. Purer, cleaner and in fact tastier consciousness is the end result. Patience, and  a steady hand will bring about a more fruitful froth, not just in appearance but in texture and flavor. So too the separation is paramount to bring forth the froth !
Give not care for the spinning of the chaos that is the illusion of the world but more the actions of your careful hand as it enables the future to form from a space of love. The steadier your hand in contributing to the future with dedication, compassion and self awareness, the better will the froth of your and the collective consciousness emerge. If you are shaky during the separation of the milk or your mind and heart then the concoction you are attempting to make will falter and fail as will the collective.
Bring forth your light and love and make a future visioned world as beautiful as the finest beverage you can create.


Author: Brown Knight

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