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I travel in a world of mirrors. All that I see is a reflection of aspects of me. If you look carefully you will see this too. What you see is not an aspect of another, yet an aspect of yourself. It is when you choose to engage it, you begin to own that part of you and can work on it.
When you feel love for someone you are feeling that which you need to expand on in yourself, in other words more love. When you feel unhappy with someone you are not really unhappy with that person, it is the unhappiness within you that is resonating. When you are angry at a situation that has occurred it is the   frustration  within you about that situation that leads you to anger. The same concept applies to judgment. Jealousy, greed, ignorance to name a few are all aspects that are mirrored by others for us to see within ourselves. If you are jealous about someone’s success it is the  irritability that you have not achieved your full potential that bothers you. When I see greed at a dinner table for example, it is the greed within myself that I too wanted more in excess of what I already had that knocks on my subconscious door. When we see  ignorance in others, it is our own incompleteness of knowledge that needles our fragile psyche.
Yet when we see the beauty in others it is the non judgmental beauty of our own souls that we see in our ourselves. When I see the politeness or courteousness in another it is the same quality hidden with in me that resonates and is recalled. When you see the joy in others achieving their goals, you are reminded of the same feeling as you achieve yours, joy.
What you resonate out in terms of a vibrational frequency that is seen by others and it is then mirrored back to you. ” Birds of a feather flock together” or ” misery loves company” are not in fact idle phrases spoken in passing conversation. They describe this phenomenon in every way. It is time to learn from every feeling that you get about someone else what it means to you. A quick pause before reacting helps you identify what is that emotional frequency and then ask yourself what does this moment have to teach me about me.
Judgements give way to understanding, and reactions pave the way for compassion. It is time to tune yourself to your new bandwidth.


Author: Brown Knight

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