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What if you died and came back?

What if you died and came back?



Life is hectic, and I find my life launching every day at 200mph. It can be hard to focus as my mind tries desperately to tally all the countless stimuli that bombard me from moment to moment. The frustration really comes from my inability to control every thing that is happening. It is our nature to want to control our environments as it gives us a sense of place and the place a sense. It is in this incessant tug of war of control that I find myself, literally find my Self. Here is how. 
In the midst of the storm of hungry kids running in circles around me at arsenic hour or in the middle of the chaos in the hospital with only a hundred things that need to have been done an hour prior, or attempting to reach a deadline that is rapidly approaching and your entire project on the computer inexplicably vanishes , what do you do? Losing my temper is no longer an option. Giving up and throwing in the towel is not acceptable. So what gives. Where is the reset point in a world hurtling out of control towards a brick wall that refuses to move? 
Here is what I do. I take a deep breath in and imagine that I have died. The world and everything that  was going  on before, continues to go on. I simply observe what is happening and “see” it continue and I am just observing the entire situation from another plane, but physically not present. An amazing feeling manifests. It is a sense of calm, knowing that there are times that whatever you try to do it is not going to make a difference in the slightest and the world will persevere  without you.” What the heck? Do I not mean anything to the world? ” is what mind asks. In fact you matter the most to the world, but you need to be present in order to make a difference and have your presence known. As I observe the world rotating at just as fast a speed as it was without me in it, I am able to pause and become more focussed. 
In the more paused and collected state I am able to summon  a variable that can be reintroduced that will make a difference. The variable of love. In the resetting with the pause, love is a powerful catalyst to transform any moment. I now with another purposeful breath return back into the land of the living storm yet I am inherently NOT who I was a few seconds ago. I infuse love into the moment of return and find that my choices thereafter are more purposeful, on point and transformative. I can now exact the change that I chose to begin with. I can then stop the circling kids and feed them, get all the hospital work done in a prioritized and expedient fashion, or   even find the missing project that was accidentally simply misplaced behind another folder on the screen. The difference to change the world can now be made. The difference is that I died from my mind and was born from my heart.  
What difference can one person make to a world? Well to one person you can make a world of difference. And that person is You. 
Observe. Rejoin. Love. Create. Flow. 


Author: Brown Knight

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