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Accepting the orphans

Accepting the orphans.

Knock, knock, knock. 
Here they come again. The orphans of my mind. Fear, anger, jealousy, frustrations, and so many others I cannot remember all their names as over the years I have forgotten them . Yet they have not forgotten me. Regardless of circumstances they come. The invitation is acceptance. I chose to ignore their existence or even presence as I rush to tackle stimuli upon stimuli and walk about my day, week, months and years. A decade or two may go by, yet these abandoned parts of me return if anything only to be acknowledged. Ignoring them only fuels their deeper hold upon me. 
I am well apt at rearranging the furniture of my reality yet facing these scared parcels of my minds seems overwhelming. They have had too many far reaching influences in my life. Shaping ideas, and turning me away from now missed opportunities. Leading me down paths that I would have probably not taken as they were too hard. The simple acknowledgment of their space is all they ever desired. Long enough for my attention they have sought to then await their chance to dissolve away into the ether of the known. 
With affection I gesture towards each one separately and hear their tantrums. Their pleas for  love are what I find. Each one is embraced with the love that they seek. Satiety fulfilled, they are powerless having become drunk from the cup of love. With nothing to offer, and riddled with their cravings of attention,they are orphaned no more. They have been assimulated into the oneness of me. They cry no longer to be heard as their integration into my love is complete. Recognition of their separateness from me has hastened their return home once again, yet now they stay in harmony and not in agony. 
I am tortured no more by these orphans of mind, for they are now children of soul and I am the parent of my heart. 


Author: Brown Knight

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