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A struggle

A struggle



Life can be a struggle. For you. For me. For us.The constant tug and pull of my actions and that of others wears me down. A fatigued mind can take only so much. The body is forced to limits that it may not be able to handle. The heart is shattered from the incessant grind. Why do I struggle? Because it makes me grow. It is an important and vital natural programming that requires our attention to enable our evolution as sentient beings. We instinctively survive yet we do not thrive. The continuous stress may give us no reprieve to recover.
It is in this fiery struggle that a quiet knowing emerges. A sacred contract created long ago between ourselves and our hearts as a reminder that in tougher times we maintain true to our higher knowing that we will pull through despite any adversity that we experience. It is the process of the  transformation that overwhelms us in all our dimensions. Compressed, torn apart, reshaped, reformed, the mighty struggle creates us a new.
In this struggle I am  surprisingly  rewarded. I regain a voice to be heard. I emerge more complete than I once was. That which I fear the most must be absolved and felt. To each person the fear is different and yet manifests the same. The struggle lies within the pause in which I can either hide or shine. It is this spiritual sandbox  where our true nature and purpose begins to be unearthed and from the depth of our humanity a flower of our inner knowing and destiny begins to blossom. What is feared most in this pause is what I desire the most to become and so the struggle continues. How long I live within my comfort zone, and miss everything that I so desired has been painfully apparent.
Sometimes the struggle may feel like looking outside the sealed window and seeing everything that I want right outside, yet unable to touch it. I may feel the banging and screaming against the window glass as the very hurt of my heart, longing to be heard and be free. Yet once accepting the barrier of the window, embracing the knowledge of self identity and the fears that held me back, the struggle subsides. And through this unfolding a door opens to the outside and goals and dreams are then clearly in plain view, reachable and manifest.
Your struggle is yours. Feel it, embrace it, own it. Only then you have the power to let it go on your terms and no one elses.


Author: Brown Knight

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