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An altar offering


An altar offering
This invitation was unforeseen, and took me for a surprise.  It was an offering unlike any other. It was necessary and deliberate. I have walked far and wide to reach this point and to my gentle gaze I came upon an altar that has long awaited my homage. It called out to me as it has done so for decades and yet I ignored its presence. It was the  altar of despair and desperateness . Crying out with shame and pain I succumbed to its call and surrendered. 
I humbly  surrendered my heart and soul to the burden of this abode as I had no where else to place it. Far too long we hold on to the denial of the aliveness of our hearts and believe that there is no hope in the face of mounting stresses of our busy and hectic parade of life.This time it accepted this sacrifice without question. To my astonishment the altar responded. My heart that once lay bare upon its stony feet burned with  a new metabolized offering of love. 
The offering and surrendering of our deepest and most secret of selves to the universe is always met in kind with the grand gesture of relief. A lifted burden is an immeasurable gift. Now the radiant heart with lightened load is returned as a gift of light from the transformed altar. This time is was my turn to accept the offering. The giver becomes the receiver just as the receiver becomes the giver. The majesty of the moment was the alchemy of love. An unconditional gift of Me or You at a time when every cell of the body screams to the mind to hold back. It is this leap of faith and surrender that catapults the gift to merge and return magnified. 
The salty earth and the unbound transparent sky bears witness to the exchange. And with it my spirit allowed the experience to unfold. The altar and I are one. We always have been. I chose not to see it, accept it, and denied its existence for what seemed like an eternity. No more. It was time to come home.
Your own altar calls. Are you willing to make an offering of your heart?  


Author: Brown Knight

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