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A life of opposites

A life of opposites

We run our lives with the definitions in a 2 dimensional fashion. Everything that we know is identified based on an understanding of its opposite. Up and down, front and back, good and bad, love and fear. Yet only one of these opposites is incorrect. Love.
Our nervous system is attacked in every direction by some stimulus. We define it initially by what it is not. Then we react to it with equal vigor. And so stay and remain in the state of oppositional reactions. When fear comes rearing its ugly head we define it as being “not-love.” I find myself reacting to it “not-love” with more “not love” as then bring upon my psyche more “not love.” However this is where I have discovered my fallacy. Perhaps you have too. ” Not love” or fear is not in fact the opposite to love. Simply because “Love” has no opposite.
Love is complete.  Love is togetherness. Love is whole and surrounding. Love is pure energy of a higher vibrational frequency than anything else in the universe. It travels faster than the fastest thing that we believe. It travels faster than light. Love is eternal and has no beginning and no end. It is infinitesimal  and infinite all at the same time. There can be no opposite of something this non dimensional.
It is when I allowed my heart to break and engage the magic of the moment I discovered this to be true. The shaking of fear is replaced by the embrace of love. Fear is dissipated  not because it can in some way be misconstrued to be an opposite of love, yet more because a blanket so large can always cover the entire bed without ever seemingly be a part of the bed at all. The opposite of fear is safety. Feeling secure. Just one of countless qualities that lies within the all encompassing myriad of the energy form called love.
Love has no opposite. Allowing this word and its definition rekindle your cells into an old knowing is empowering in itself. Happiness for me began when I chose to no longer live under the out of date idea of living with definitions of opposites.
Happiness began by enveloping love. I hope it does for you too.
I love you


Author: Brown Knight

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