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The gift of you

The Gift of You.

Exchanging gifts. A time honored tradition on special occasions. We are always excited to receive gifts and many a time even more enthusiastic to give a gift. Yet some gifts are eventually returned, some gifts are frowned upon, and then most  are accepted graciously. The gift is tangible. An object to be experienced. However what if the gift is an invitation of yourself.
Wrapped in the moment of now lies a gift that is worthy to all without question. It is the presence of You or Me that is offered unconditionally. The connection of being is hastened by love just as the invitation of separateness is soon withdrawn. The aliveness of the spirit resonates infinitely when it is then offered to another. It is then in the holding of the space of the moment that the worlds disintegrate and time is dissolved into the sink hole of nothingness and what remains is the illumination of love.
The desire to offer one self is a great initiator of transformation for both the giver and the receiver. As the essence of being identifies the other, just as an old friend  is found, it rekindles a long lost relationship that begins anew. The nervous system comes alive with love that emanates from another and the gap is filled with the void of joy. A recognition of a former life amongst the cosmos is immediately accepted when the gift is offered.
Looking at your own pure heart is the powerful integration of this wrapped gift of love that is eternally awaiting to be opened and released. You are the greatest of all gifts that can be placed on the alter of gratitude, and in doing so you are unwrapped by the universe and scattered amongst all living hearts of consciousness. You are an unreturnable and an invaluable gift of Divine conception given and received to all you meet.
Perhaps the best gift of all,  is that given to yourself as you honor the process of You and accept it  in its completeness and wholeness for that which you have always longed, is  the tangibility of your Cosmic Self. As the bows of fears of rejection are pulled apart, the perfection of the Light within is revealed, and you emerge from your embodied form into the true nature of You, ready to be given and received time and time again ad infinitum.
What can be a better gift, than the gift of You.
i love you


Author: Brown Knight

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