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Setting fire to the rain

Setting fire to the rain

Anger, hatred, frustration are the invitations to a cacophony orchestra that play outs in my head regularly. The discordant chords harass my mind, heart and spill into my day that perpetuates into a self fulfilling prophecy of chaos. My thoughts lash out at the nearest person in my sight or the punishment to an object within my reach. Such is the nature of uncontrollable anger. It feels like a rain storm of emotions that bombard with torrent. With words I then go about attempting the fool hardy task of setting fire to the rain hoping in the recesses of my peaceful heart to make a change. 
Anger, hatred and frustration are all stones on the emotional catapult hurled at the unexpected castle of obstructions that are presented before me. Yet it is I who must pull the trigger or find the resolve to remove the trigger finger. It is the pause before the actual firing that is in fact a millisecond of eternity where in all realms of possibility exist. It is here where I make the choice. To succumb or to resist. That split second decision is shorter than a breath yet sometimes the entire breath is needed to arrive at an alternative decision that leads to an entirely different departure. It is in this breath where the moment of love exists. Love is the glue that may hold the moments together and enable an elastic change to take place. 
I find myself more and more delving into the pause. Embracing the pause. Nestling with in the pause. Discovering the unfolding love within the pause. Discovering a different choice, and so enjoying an alternate  destination. I am no longer drowning in the rain storm of my environment’s infinite stimuli. I am no longer burned by the heat of the fire of my emotions. I simply collect the rain into my bucket of the pause and pour it on the fire. 
A pause is simple. So is love. Setting fire to the rain ? Nah , I have better things to do, for the fire of my mind  has died down and the rain of fears has departed. 
I may need a bigger bucket though  🙂
I Love You


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