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This word haunts me like a my own shadow on many a non cloudy day. I make resolutions daily that are just as easily broken by nightfall. If I am brave enough the resolution will last till sunrise. What do I do? How do I make a resolution stick? Worry, fear, self doubt all coalesce into my shadow and make the resolution even less tangible. ¬†However, ¬† I am not alone in this pursuit of the holy grail of resolution building and creation. Most of us fall into this habit pattern. The beginning of the year is an auspicious time in our minds to forge a resolution yet in fact we make them daily. ” I will become better at…..” , ” I will not do this or that…..”, ” I will strive to do and fulfill my goal of……”. And so on and so forth. As many thoughts that traverse my fickle mind, there are an equal number of resolutions that are created to absolve them.
Does this mean I am a weak individual ? Does this mean that I will always fail and never fulfill any goal or intention set by my heart? Perhaps the answer lies in the definition of the word resolution.
To resolve means to find a solution to a problem. Ponder on this for a while longer than it takes your mind to spin you like a top and let your heart have a voice. The answer is simple yet so immeasurably life giving.
” You are not the problem” my heart replies when diligently asked.
My mind snorts emphatically ” Well of course you are the problem, what else could be wrong in a perfect world”
It is at this point my Higher Self interjects and chooses to be heard.
” You are not the problem as the way you showed up in your current life is exactly meant to be the way you are. “
I am not the problem.
I was relieved. And so should you be.
We are not problems to be resolved. We are meant to experience everything exactly the way we choose the experience to be. Good or bad. It is an experience. To be. Just be. This is a VERY hard concept for the mind to wrap itself around as it stems from hosts of infinite experiences good and bad that must compute our odds of survival from one minute to the next, sometimes one second to the next. Yet it is outside the experiences looking in that we find the moment of the present. The moment of Now that unfolds into a universe of love, lack of doubt and understanding with compassion and joy to know that we are fine.
You are not a problem to be resolved. No resolution required. Instead we are sparks of infinite magic patiently awaiting our time to shine like stars in the night sky. Yet without the darkness, a star can never shine. So too experiences of all kinds must come forth. The darker they are, the greater we shine as the day gives way to the night, so too the night returns with the offering of the dawn. Self love presents as the fire that burns bright within us that dissolves the “problem” that we are portrayed with as having.
Time to shift my thinking. Better to create an intention, fueled with love, and manifest a sun that sustains, than to create resolutions fueled with perceived problems that fail.
Re-solution? I think not. More like Re-freshed, Re-charged, Re-newed, Re-juvenated.


Author: Brown Knight

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