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Down into the rabbit hole we go

Down in to the rabbit hole we go.

Do you remember the famous tale of Alice in Wonderland? She chased a rabbit into a hole and landed into a bizarre world. She was chasing the curiosity, which led her into trouble. A most interesting lesson if you can follow through the storyline, especially when you realize that you are in fact Alice and you go down a hole every day of your life. The question really then becomes have you come out of the hole or are you still burrowing and have lost sight of the entrance hole. What world are we living in, if not a fragmented psychedelic version of Wonderland  that we like to call reality ?
Whether it is in the jobs that we drudge through or the drama of family reenactments, or simply the mountains of stimuli that encase us, we are overcome and overwhelmed. The pressures and stresses of our lives leads us further down the hole that we have chosen to go through. The key words here are that “we have chosen.” No one puts a gun to our head or makes us do anything that we choose not to do. Our lives are our own, till we choose that it is  not, and in the process lose ourselves. We have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing that loss of identity and the loss of control of our lives. One day we turn around and cannot see the hole entrance and then the subsequent feelings of being overpowered by this tunnel of misery come flooding in. The tunnel appears to close in on itself and on top of us. Getting buried alive is not to be taken lightly. It not only makes it harder to find a way out, but chokes the spirit till we finally die a silent meaningless death inside without the chance to cry out, “save me, I want out…”
All is not as grim and all is not as lost. You have the chance to build strong scaffolding that will ensure the tunnel of life stressors does not collapse upon you. Being aware of your surroundings is your tool, your spade to dig you out of the mess. “Letting go” and not constantly being in a state of  reacting, allows you to dig a wider tunnel with adequate space. Your strength of resolve ensures that you have a second shaft for air, a necessity  that all expert tunnel  builders will tell you. However in the end, your ability of free will, is what helps you to choose to go or not to go down the rabbit hole. Many will say that they live for others and have given themselves to others so completely that they have lost their identity unto others. You can easily make excuses and blame someone, something or a particular  circumstance but again that too is a choice of your life. Live a life of excuses or live free of excuses. There are plenty of people in the world who live free and simpler and perhaps more peaceful lives. Avoiding the rabbit hole does not translate into avoiding to live. It means you either are better prepared to go down the hole or find a better hole to go down to explore.
If you do go down the hole, I would strongly suggest taking a flashlight. The more in tune you are with ourself, the brighter your inner flashlight to help you illuminate your path. Listen to your heart and brave the journey into the hole and out the other side. Most things through the hole and in your tunnel of your life are in fact beautiful but cannot be touched with anything except your heart.  Your pride will tell you that this is impossible. Your sense of experience will alert you that it is too risky. Your rationale will inform you  that it is pointless. Your heart and your soul will whisper “give it a try”.
Enjoy your personal Wonderland, just do not  be led by a strange rabbit, even if he had a cool hat.


Author: Brown Knight

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