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Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror Mirror on the wall…..

It is very interesting that we look at ourselves in the mirror and we only see what we choose to see. We actually do not see who we really are, physically, mentally or spiritually. This is very much akin to visiting the circus  and going into the hall of mirrors. Each mirror depending on its concavity or convexity can portray distorted images of ourselves. These reflections vary according to our own opinion even if the mirror is appropriately and correctly made.
We see ourselves through myopic vision and through a muddy filter of self criticism. Our ego sees us as grandiose and larger than life. Our mind sees us as inferior and ugly. Our experiences may see us through shame and inadequacy. Our pride may see us as self loathing. Our heart may see us as wounded and vulnerable. Our soul sees us as pure, bright and whole. It is not the mirror that needs to change but which part of ourself sees us. Moreover once this slight fine tuning of attitude occurs, we then reflect that image of the truer self in other words,  the image we wish to portray.
Try a little exercise. Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning after getting up. Do not hurry to put on your Egyptian sarcophagus mask of make up, and simply look at yourself. Then see yourself. There is a subtle difference in words but an enormous  difference in reality. Write down what you look in one column and what you see in another. You will be surprised that the list is exactly opposite. When you “look” you are observing the superficial you. When you “see” you are observing the deeper true You. Try this exercise with a few trusted friends, but instead of the 2 columns just ask them to make a list of what they see. Instinctively your trusted friend will observe a very different persona and list of attributes that you may or may not have come up with. However this clearly demonstrates that observation is in the eye of the beholder, and moreover self criticism can be dangerous in that the true you may never come out if all you do is listen to this albeit false “version” of yourself. I have spoken to friends and asked them what they thought about themselves and found they may have a very self defeating portrayal of their identities. In fact most of the times I pointed out my observations about them, that were not only the opposite, but more positive. Was I wearing my myopic positive corrected   prescription glasses or was I simply seeing their truer natures?
Indeed self criticism  is important to help you  improve your personality, your goals and sharpen your skills. However this can lead to a darker path of self deprecation that ends up locking you in your cupboard and afraid of the world. Both extremes are possible without the leading rope of our spirit to guide us to a better and genuine self image and reflection. If unchecked a mirror of vanity can unleash an ego on the path of fabled destruction as seen in Snow White and the Seven dwarfs !  A cracked mirror is a sign of a fragmented mind. A shattered mirror is a sign of a broken heart.  Fears, doubts, anxieties and over self criticisms are usually the forces that initiate the damage to the mirror. An inability to see clearly through the broken pieces of mirror or see the forces that cause the fracture in the first place, is what leads to our eventual collapse. This inability to envision your Self is clouded by the ego. But how do you start seeing yourSelf?  Start by using different senses to see.
Courage to even look beyond your bad experiences is the first step. Then comes the acceptance to see through your wounded ego. This is hard as your ego will put up a terrific fight. Forgiveness to your aching heart comes only after you have tamed your windy mind with patience. Penultimately faith in yourSelf cuts through the negativity and reveals your awaiting  spirit. Gratitude at everything past and present that has happened or is happening to you, releases you to launch into a future with a clearer and truly representative reflection.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?”
The mirror replies: “You tell me….”


Author: Brown Knight

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