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Hearing the foghorn

Hearing the foghorn

It is early morning, the sun is barely up. In the early parts of dawn, you are in the water in your row boat. Off to your task of fishing, you head towards the middle of the lake. Surrounded by the morning mist, the scene is quiet and untouched and peaceful. However as you approach the middle of the lake it becomes foggier, and foggier. Visibility is next to nothing, and you lose your orientation in space and time. What I have just tried to describe is a typical scenario of confusion in our lives as we continue to deeply pursue a course of action whether in a career or a relationship. That is just the nature of things. There comes a point where you are so involved in what you are doing that sometimes you lose sight of your geographical surroundings and spiritually are adrift. You ask yourself what am I doing here, and where am I going?
Disconnected and lost, it becomes scary at times feeling alone and genuinely frightened as you have no way of reorienting to your familiar points of navigation. This can be in a job that you are at, where the running of the company has been so disjointed that you are disheartened,dazed and desperately searching for your place. This feeling can be in a relationship that has flourished for a while but now you do not know who all the players are and moreover why the various family members  are acting the way they do. There then becomes the concern of the family or job falling apart. “Lost in the fog of life ” is something that happens to everyone at some point in their existence. Unfortunately it is inevitable. However getting out of this state is not as hard and impossible as one might think. You have to listen to the foghorn of your soul to redirect you out of the fog.
If you quieten  your agitated  mind, you can hear the solutions coming from within. Your true Self talks to you all the time, but unfortunately we do not listen as we are too caught up with our erratic thoughts that run our lives into a tumultuous ride. You will come up with innovative ideas of how to bring the family back to a sense of warm well being and connectivity. You will have the bright sparks of reformation that  will make your job more smooth, efficient and productive. Being caught up in the fog does not help matters. Listening to the foghorn you navigate forward, backwards, or sideway as you steer your rowboat in the direction of the guiding sound. The louder it sounds, this means that it is filled with  more positive energy, and the closer you are to reaching the shore. The softer it is, the less positive energy and further away from shore, and the further away you are from reaching a solution and destination.
The world is a beautiful place to be, just as the scene of the serene lake. Life happens and so the represented  fog can choke us into stagnation right in the middle of the worldly lake. Yet as with everything in nature, no fog lasts forever and it will dissipate. The morning sun with its radiant energies burn up the fog revealing the clarity and the beauty of your life once again. The fog of ignorance  is dispelled once the knowledge of the self takes hold. The  row boat, namely you, returns safely to land carried in tow  by the energetic foghorn of your soul’s brightness, positive light and fully awakened status. Being consistently  mindful helps to keep your row boat balanced and always heading in the right direction, yet an additional tool that is always present and ever ready to help you is your personal soul’s foghorn. It is eternally playing its tune to keep you navigationally sound, whether you heed its warnings and solutions also determines whether you find the shore line of peace or stay in the fog.
How loud is your foghorn today?


Author: Brown Knight

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