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Leaving a mark without a trace

Leaving a mark without a trace

Foot prints in the snow. Graffiti on the wall. Memories of your childhood interactions. Musical pieces, artistic paintings, Sculptures and statues. You. What do all these items have in common? They all have one unifying thread and that is they still are here and they tell a story. The footprints in the snow tell the tale of a journey. The graffiti and the paintings reveal artistic impressions. The music and sculptures demonstrate creativity. The greatest of all these stories and creations is You. It is your creations that tell the story in whatever format, pictorial or musical.
Through out our time here on the planet we have left our mark in some fashion. Right from cave drawings to magnificent works of architecture or creations of technology we leave our mark for future generations to remember us. It is our own personal sense of immortality. The memories of our childhood are filled with tales of relatives long ago who did this or that, or those living elder relatives that had some impact on our lives, are the memories we cherish. Stories round the proverbial homely campfires are told, legends are forged, and immortality attained. We all want to leave a mark of ourselves, an imprint if you will.  Whether it is something that the world sees or just a child. You may not remember your grandmother too well, but you do remember those words of wisdom passed down by her, as well as her special recipe of your favorite feel good dish.
Kindness, empathy, forgiveness, gentleness and selflessness are just some ways you can start impacting your own soulfulness unto others, be it to a friend, a family member, a stranger or the world as a whole. Soon these qualities will form joy, happiness, instill confidence and a sense of fulfillment in all that you touch. You initiate the forging of memories through your connections with others, and so the ripple effect continues, and your immortality is ensured. Never underestimate the imprint  you can have on anyone through your interactions. If you do, you have only underestimated yourself. There is an old saying a penny saved is a penny earned. You may think that this is a really bad savings plan, however you will be surprised how one small investment in kindness leaves a small trace, which then expands to a seed of generosity in someone else. This further evolves to a state of abundance rapidly, and then preserves a mark of peace. Scarcity to abundance with one little act.  Show up and leave a mark.
Dig your heals deep and do something creative that bears your mark. Leave a trail of bread crumbs of goodness throughout your life. Find your talent. It is not a question of if a talent exists, it is simply finding out what it is. Whether you are good at just listening to others, or helping others, or creating a work of music, art, sculpture. Whether it is mediating, negotiating, or fixing.  It is a talent that makes YOU  unique. The universe with its infinite variety and diversity also made you and left its mark in this world through your existence. The trace is there. Will you leave this world without a trace or with trails blazing is still up to you while you still have the time.
Make your mark count but go easy on your carbon footprint.


Author: Brown Knight

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