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Getting off your gerbil wheel

Getting off your gerbil wheel

Day in and day out the monotonous routine continues. Mundane programming takes over and the daily grind of chores, habits, mindsets are set in motion. No variation from the habit patterns of the mind, leaves you much akin to a gerbil.
Except you are the gerbil and your life is the wheel. Run as fast as you can, your treadmill of an existence does  not change. You can try altering directions, but in the end the wheel is still circular. Where you start is where you end up and vice versa. Disappointments and the sighs of dejection set in. This is usually accompanied by unhappiness and ill health of the mind, body and spirit. You have to be careful as if you ever lose focus of your routines, you fall off the wheel leading to a bad outcome. How can you change this concept such that your life is not the wheel, but the wheel becomes the vehicle to catapult you to the next level?
Faith is a feeling and quite powerful. Faith in the universe or the Creator only takes you so far. Faith that your life will get better, only gets you to the next rug of your wheel as you continue to go round and round. Faith in your Self gets you to the knowing that you can get off your wheel. Gratitude for the  next level before it even begins, gets you ready for the launch to get off your wheel of life. However, it is not until the leap is made that faith and gratitude can be energized into a manifestation through your actions. Where do you get this ability to leap, one might ask? Awareness and mindfulness are not adjectives  but in fact are the stepping stones for your leap. Letting go of your fears, your “buts”, your doubts, and your “what ifs” releases the chains that are holding you down with such gravitational force that you accept it as doctrine. Gravity is ever present much like these fears and doubts  but if not tested and released you cannot achieve  escape velocity to fly.
 Running on your wheel is one thing, but flying off the wheel is another new exciting and exhilarating dimension that is begging for you to try. Divert from the norm. Try changing up your life right down to the daily ablutions. Let us say that you put your shirt on first, then your skirt or trousers, then your socks. What if you change it and do these things out of sequence. Since you are doing something different, the mind has to pay attention, lest you forget to wear trousers that day and step out of the house out of sorts. Try a different cup of coffee, or vary your breakfast routine. Try a different route to work, or a new exercise regime. The mind has now becomes aware of the moment. Becoming more care free and less in control, starts the power of faith that despite no control of the simplest of things the bigger things in your life will fall into place. The act of acknowledgement that everything will be in accordance with your ideals, activates the gratitude factor. Before you know it you are off your wheel and heading in a different direction altogether. Stay alert, awake and aware so that you do not unknowingly fall into another wheel of your own creation. 
It is your wheel of life, do you want to keep spinning in one location or jump off and see what else a gerbil can do ! 


Author: Brown Knight

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